Grand Paris Express metro

Client/employer: AREP designlab
Paris, France, February 2017

Arep designlab, as a private contractor of la Société du Grand Paris, hired me as assistant project manager in charge of programming the wayfinding system for numerous stations of the new Parisian metro system Grand Paris Express.

Our missions consisted of studying the architectural blueprints of specific metro stations, analysing the incoming and outgoing passerby circulation and identifying where and which information to deploy inside and outside the station.

The modular graphic system for this wayfinding program was designed by IRB.

During my contract, I programmed the wayfinding for numerous stations, such as: Saint-Denis Pleyel, La Défense, Pont de Sèvres, Sevran-Beaudottes, Sevran-Livry, Noisy-Champs, Antonypôle, Massy-Palaiseau, Massy-Opéra and more.

3D renders by Patrick Jouin and Kengo Kuma architects.

©2017 Société du Grand Paris
©2017 Arep designlab